Honored Members

Donations to the NATS Foundation in honor of outstanding teachers of the West Central Region

Since 2007, we have been donating $500 each year to the NATS Foundation in honor of one of our members who has made a special contribution to NATS.

2007              Alison Atkins, Fort Hays State University

2008              Richard Grace, University of Nebraska, Lincoln

2009              Barbara Doscher, University of Colorado

2010              Jerry Langencamp, Kansas State University

2011              James McDonald, Colorado State University

Help our fund grow!  Add a contribution of your own
“When you have logged in to the NATS Foundations site, scroll down to the bottom of the “Make a Donation” page and enter your donation amount in the box marked “Established Funds.” Then check the circle for West Central Region Award all the way at the bottom

We welcome your suggestions of teachers who deserve recognition.  Please send your nominations, along with a brief text describing the contribution of your favorite teacher to the region and to the profession, to Melissa Malde, West Central Regional Governor at mmalde.nats@gmail.com